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Are you going off to college next year? Are you trying to decide if Army ROTC in college is the right choice for you? Enrolling in an ROTC program provides many benefits to cadets that help them make the most of not only their college experience, but also their careers. Here are five reasons why joining Army ROTC is a great and rewarding decision:


Did you know that the Army will actually pay your way through college? The Department of the Army offers full-tuition scholarships to its ROTC cadets. Graduating high school seniors can apply for a four-year scholarship; however, if you are already in college, you can apply for a two- or three-year scholarship. These Army ROTC scholarships cover school tuition and also provide ROTC cadets with monthly stipends to cover living expenses.

Getting Involved

Participating in Army ROTC provides the opportunity to meet other cadets who are also interested in pursuing a military career. This is a unique chance to interact with other motivated college students who all share a common goal. As a cadet in Army ROTC, you will be eligible to participate in multiple ROTC teams and extracurricular organizations.

Leadership Experience

As you progress through the ROTC program, you will inherit an increasing amount of responsibility. You will be taught how to handle situations, and then you will be given the opportunity to lead your fellow cadets. This style of highly credible leadership training will help build confidence and character that will benefit the rest of your life.

Getting In Shape

As an Army ROTC cadet, you are taught the fundamentals of maintaining physical fitness and taking care of your body. What you do in college will make habits for the rest of your life, and the ROTC program will help you stay in shape as well as make you mentally disciplined.

You Don’t Have To Commit

Yes, that is not a typo. Did you know that you can participate in two full years of Army ROTC before you are required to commit to the service? This gives you the opportunity to experience the Army for 24 months before you must decide whether or not it is what you want to do!

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