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For young motivated individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the United States Air Force, participating in an Air Force ROTC scholarship program is a great path toward success. AFROTC programs allow their cadets to work toward a college degree while simultaneously earning a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force upon graduation.

Air Force ROTC cadets are also provided with several scholarships for which they are eligible to apply. These scholarships allow cadets to focus on their academics and training instead of worrying about how they will fund their college career.

Air Force ROTC scholarships are typically awarded to rising college freshmen as 4-year scholarships, but 3- and 2-year scholarship packages are also available for cadets already attending college. Air Force ROTC programs offer several types of scholarship opportunities to cadets, each having certain distinctions:

Type 1 – pays for the student’s full college tuition, majority of school-related fees, and also provides an annual $900 textbook allowance

Type 2 – pays for the student’s tuition and fees (maximum of $15,000/year) and provides an annual $900 book allowance

Type 7 – pays college tuition as well as most fees and provides an annual $900 book allowance, but students are only eligible if attending a university with a maximum tuition of $9,000 or if they are eligible for the school’s in-state tuition rates

Every scholarship type entitles its recipients to a monthly stipend while attending college and participating in the Air Force ROTC program. The amount of the stipend is based on the student’s year in school:

Year 1 – $300/month
Year 2 – $350/month
Year 3 – $450/month
Year 4 – $500/month

College tuition rates today are undoubtedly daunting to young students. However, these Air Force ROTC scholarships provide cadets with the opportunity to focus on what really matters – their collegiate and professional careers – without sacrificing their time effort toward raising the money needed to finish college.

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