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Navy ROTC Scholarships

By Arin Fowler

A countless number of United States Navy officers have received their commission through the Navy ROTC program. The program, which is offered at hundreds of nationally-accredited colleges throughout the country, utilizes a unique curriculum to train future Navy officers in leadership and other essential skills.

In addition to the valuable leadership and service training that cadets gain while in Navy ROTC programs, they also are eligible for Navy ROTC scholarships. If awarded one of these competitive scholarships, cadets will receive a package of financial aid that includes the following:

• Full tuition coverage
• School-related fees coverage
• Textbook stipend
• Monthly stipend

The monthly stipend that is paid to scholarship recipients is determined by their academic year at the college of attendance, according to the table below:

Academic Year
Stipend Amount

The Navy ROTC scholarship is offered in two options: a four-year package as well as a two-year package for students already enrolled in college and a Navy ROTC program. The scholarship benefits are the same for each pages except for the overall length that the scholarships are provided.

The Navy ROTC scholarships provide young students with the resources necessary to successfully complete their college careers and earn a college degree. At the same time, these students are being trained as Navy cadets in the art of maritime warfare.

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