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Upon completion of the NROTC, or Naval Reserve Officer Training, cadets are able to choose the career that best suits them. Many go onto careers that utilize both their skills and interests, but some have even higher aspirations of finding a career in Special Warfare.

A Special Warfare Officer is a select group of people that use skills in:


Tactical Intelligence Collection

Other areas of warfare

To become an officer in this field, there are many physical requirements they must meet as well as receive Basic Underwater Demolition BUDS/SEAL training. While NROTC careers can provide learning in the classroom as well as job experience, going through BUDS training is a physically and mentally demanding course. In order to become a Navy SEAL, officers and enlisted personnel need to pass the course in which only the highly motivated will complete due to its demand.

Officers that participate in BUDS training will learn, among other things:

Land and Water Demolitions

Individual and crew served weapons

Land reconnaissance

Small unit tactics

After completing the BUDS training, an officer that has the required skills
will be assigned to a SEAL or SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team, which is also
considered the first assignment of a SEAL officer. An officer on their
first tour is
most likely to be assigned as an assistant Platoon Commander, in addition
to getting
advanced instruction.

NROTC careers can be a great foundation for a career in military, especially when going on to more specialized units like the Navy SEALS. The education and hands-on training can provide for a great future no matter what type of career field is chosen.

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