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Many people may ask, “Why join the ROTC?” While in college, it is always a good idea to get the most out of the time spent there. Joining ROTC at any one of the hundreds of colleges or universities in the United States offers not only experience for future career fields, but also prepares each person for leadership roles anywhere in life. There are numerous reasons why joining ROTC can be beneficial:

Tuition Assistance:

The ROTC offers tuition assistance to all members as well as gives numerous
scholarships to members who qualify. This assistance can help pay for college
tuition and miscellaneous fees, textbooks or other school expenses.

Leadership Skills:

Skills learned in ROTC are extremely valuable whether you continue on in
the respective military branch, or just take what you have learned into the
life. Each member of ROTC learns the fundamental rules of involved in managing
positions and gains knowledge in what it takes to be in charge.

Career Choices:

Have a special interest or skill? The military is helpful placing personnel
in career areas that both utilize specific interests, training and skills.
Even if you do decide not to join the military, the hands-on experience through
ROTC is an advantage that is not given to just everyone. If you do opt for
active duty, or if it is required, these valuable skills will ensure you
get that choice of career.

Enjoy college:

Joining ROTC does not mean you have to stop being a normal college
student or enjoying extra-curricular activities. Aside from attending a meeting
week and wearing your ROTC uniform at special events or meeting days, members
carry on with a regular college schedule. Aside from an advanced education,
you are also gaining job experience at the same time.

Start ahead of the game:

After graduation and upon completion of ROTC, each member who goes active duty starts at a management level, or as an officer in other cases. This allows members to take what they have learned and apply it in their respective Military career fields. How many other jobs can you be hired for that don’t make you start at the bottom?

So, no matter where your life takes you, the skills and education gained through joining an ROTC program can be beneficial and exciting. In the process, you can make college a much more fulfilling experience and ensure the best jump of future career choices and possibilities.

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