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In the United States Armed Forces, getting an education is one of the most
important things a soldier can do, as well as something that is offered as
an incentive in many programs. For soldiers who are currently enlisted, many
service branches offer personnel the opportunity to go back to school and earn
a degree.

Going back to school to get a degree can also make soldier who has prior service or currently enlisted, eligible for ROTC. Aside from the financial benefits of joining ROTC with prior service, soldiers also have the chance to become commissioned Officers upon graduation. In the US Army for example, there are opportunities to go back to school and earn a degree through what is called the Green to Gold Program.

This program is made for soldiers who want to become Officers, and there are different options depending on active duty status. Aside from receiving financial aid and a chance to further their education, cadets also learn valuable career skills and management experience.

Joining ROTC with prior service can ensure a chance to advance any skills that may have been learned while enlisted, as well as a chance to move up to a management level in the military. This type of program can also be perfect for any soldier who would like to get an education as well as move up in rank with their respective branch. Cadets are also able to combine VA benefits with any money or assistance the ROTC program offers.

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joining ROTC with prior service is an opportunity for people of all experience levels to advance their careers and rank through the Armed Forces. Having the knowledge and skill from prior service in the military can ensure that ROTC will be most beneficial in gaining leadership and management roles.

Common Questions:

How do I qualify for Prior Service programs?

As long as you still meet all the physical standards and complete certain paperwork depending on the service branch (ie. DD Form 368), you are eligible for prior service programs.

Can I change services?

Depending on the service branch, certain individuals are capable of changing branches. For example, the Army offers a Blue To Green program that allows Air Force and Navy veterans to transfer to active service in the Army via a Warrior Transition Course.

Will I have to repeat Basic Training?

No. In fact, your prior completion of Basic Training may qualify you to waive the first two years of the ROTC course.

Will I keep my current Paygrade?

Yes, and the time served in ROTC as a prior service cadet counts toward retirement and pay purposes.

Will I keep my military benefits?

Yes, and you may also be eligible for Montgomery GI Bill benefits to pay for your schooling.

What do I do now?

To efficiently complete the admissions process and to learn more about joining ROTC with prior service, it is best to contact the cadre at the desired school of attendance. Their job Is to assist you in any way they can.

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