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University of North Dakota ROTC

Since the late 18th century, the University of North Dakota Army ROTC program has been training cadets to serve their country. The Fighting Sioux UND Army ROTC Battalion has achieved many accomplishments and offers many unique opportunities to its cadets.

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to “compete” with each other completing military tasks. In addition to written examination where cadets test their army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills, rifle and grenade drills and situational field training exercises. The Fighting Sioux UND Army ROTC Battalion’s Nine-man team has won in the past brigade competition three consecutive years and competed in the Sandhurst competition at West Point.


Students who are interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing may enroll in ROTC at the University of North Dakota. The school of nursing and the Fighting Sioux UND Army ROTC Battalion offer incentives for nursing scholarship winners above that of normal ROTC students. Additional help with student fees and free room and board are available to ROTC nursing students. After completion of their Bachelor of Science in Nursing, students are commissioned as officers in the United States Army.


Every semester cadets participate in field training exercises (FTX). The weekend long events focus on basic solders skills such as day and night land navigation, weapons familiarization, battle drills, and team building.

For more information about the University of North Dakota Army ROTC program, visit the Fighting Sioux UND Army ROTC Battalion’s website click here.,

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