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Many people go to college to get an education for future life goals or career choices, but how many can get job training at the same time? Enrolling in the Air Force ROTC allows you to live the same college experience as everyone else, while getting valuable hands on training to advance any career goals.

A cadet in ROTC looks like the average college student, except that once a week, he or she is required to wear their uniforms to ROTC classes or to special events. Aside from normal college courses, cadets in ROTC take additional classes taught by military faculty. The content of these courses includes:

• Profession of Arms- Military laws, laws of armed conflict and knowledge of other military customs
• Communication Skills- Used to increase oral and written communication for military leadership roles
• Leadership Studies- Gain an additional understanding of military leadership and management skills
• Military Studies-Understand how military forces are used and organized

As a member of the ROTC, visiting Air Force bases are able to offer cadets a better understanding of what life will be like as an Air Force officer. Here, cadets can learn about the many career choices to choose from and missions they will often participate in. In the Air Force, there are many career paths to choose from. Officer jobs require at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and in some cases, additional educational requirements may be needed. It is always a good idea to pick a career path that is of interest to you, as well as seeing what suits your temperament and capabilities in terms of educational goals or skills.

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Aside from a great education and life experience, ROTC can also provide:

• College tuition assistance that also helps pay for books and fees
• A monthly allowance
• Free travel on military flights as a cadet
• Management job after graduation

Cadets who are enrolled in the Professional Officer Course or receive scholarships are considered contract cadets. After finishing ROTC and academic courses, they are accepted into the Air Force as Second Lieutenants. Cadets most often are obligated to a four-year active duty commitment, while pilots are obligated for a ten-year contract term.


Air Force ROTC scholarships are typically awarded to rising college freshmen as 4-year scholarships, but 3- and 2-year scholarship packages are also available for cadets already attending college. Air Force ROTC programs offer several types of scholarship opportunities to cadets, each having certain distinctions:

Type 1 – pays for the student’s full college tuition, majority of school-related fees, and also provides an annual $900 textbook allowance

Type 2 – pays for the student’s tuition and fees (maximum of $15,000/year) and provides an annual $900 book allowance

Type 7 – pays college tuition as well as most fees and provides an annual $900 book allowance, but students are only eligible if attending a university with a maximum tuition of $9,000 or if they are eligible for the school’s in-state tuition rates

Every scholarship type entitles its recipients to a monthly stipend while attending college and participating in the Air Force ROTC program. The amount of the stipend is based on the student’s year in school:

Year 1 – $300/month
Year 2 – $350/month
Year 3 – $450/month
Year 4 – $500/month

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