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Joining the Army ROTC comes with many benefits, and is even considered one of the top leadership programs in the country. Here are some of the many benefits each person is entitled to while participating in ROTC:

• Experience as a leader

• Training to become a manager or leader

• Tuition Assistance with an Army ROTC scholarship 

Once an Officer in the United States Army, you become a leader to many people. As an officer, you are looked at as a motivator, strategist and even a counselor to those you command in many different locations or situations.

Army ROTC is flexible in that it allows cadets to live their daily lives and maintain their schedules while learning advanced skills in the classroom. Those students who receive a scholarship or enter in the Army ROTC Advanced Course (Junior/Senior courses) must sign up for duty in the United States Army. Students who participate in the ROTC Basic Course (Freshman/Sophomore courses) can learn the basic military skills without any commitment to join.

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After completing the ROTC program, graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants and receive more specialized training. There are also additional training programs as well as advanced educational opportunities that each officer can look into. Different career paths that Army officers can follow, among others, are:

• Field Artillery Officer

• Armor Officer
• Aviation Officer
• Engineer Officer
• Military Intelligence Officer


Army ROTC scholarships come in several variations depending on the particular ROTC cadet. Graduating high school seniors can apply for a full four-year ROTC scholarship. However, students already enrolled in college can apply for a three-year or even a two-year ROTC scholarship.

The Army ROTC scholarship entitles its recipients to full-tuition assistance, as well as a textbook/fee allowance and a monthly stipend to cover the student’s living expenses. Typically, cadets receive the tuition assistance. However, they also have the option to apply the scholarship to their ‘room and board’ expenses instead of school tuition.

The amount that cadets on the ROTC scholarship receive for their monthly stipend depends on their year in school, as shown below:

Year 1: $300/month
Year 2: $350/month

Year 3: $450/month

Year 4: $500/month

The only requirements to maintain the Army ROTC scholarship are participation in ROTC activities (ie. Attending class and PT three times a week) , maintaining physical fitness standards, and being enrolled as a full-time student at the college of attendance.

The scholarships granted by Army ROTC are a great way for students to achieve academic success without dealing with much of the stress that college life entails. Scholarship cadets are able to attend college for little or no cost and at the same time benefit from the training and experience that ROTC programs provide.

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