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Located within many universities and colleges, ROTC programs are offered as
a way to provide leadership skills and job training to those who would like
to join the military upon graduation. Depending on the amount of time spent
in ROTC, there is not always an obligation to go active duty when the program
finishes, but many cadets in ROTC end up becoming an officer in their military
branch of choice.

Just as there is a difference with each branch of the military, there are different requirements and training courses officers need to finish before they join, therefore it is important to know your ROTC program choices. ROTC can help students in college meet these requirements at the same time they are getting their education.

Scholarships in ROTC also can provide financial benefits. Depending on the type of scholarship received, cadets can have full tuition, books and college fees paid for by ROTC. There are many deadlines in which to apply for these scholarships, so it is important to ask campus ROTC instructors for the most current information.

Unsure about your ROTC program choices? Depending on what
type of job interests you, there can be different branches of the armed forces
give you the careers and experience you are looking for. Here is a summary
of what each ROTC program has to offer:

Army ROTC:
Get training to become a manager
Receive tuition assistance
Learn valuable job skills

Navy & Marine ROTC:
Train to become a commissioned officer in the Naval Reserve or Marine Corps
Receive scholarships or tuition assistance
Gain experience for management positions in technical fields

Air Force ROTC:
Tuition assistance
Hands on job training for careers
Prepare to become an Air Force Officer

There are many reason why joining an ROTC program can be beneficial, whether it is for financial help or just to gain training and experience for the future. Before joining any program, make sure to review the ROTC program choices and check with each branch to see what careers might interest you the most and be sure to ask ROTC instructors any questions you might have.

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