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ROTC Jobs, Benefits, & Information

ROTC helps students train to be officers in a branch of the U.S. military.
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The Military will pay for your college education! Click the links below to learn more about:
Navy Rotc Scholarships
Air Force Rotc Scholarships
Army Rotc Scholarships
How joining an ROTC program can help you:
Tuition Assistance: ROTC programs offer tuition assistance to cadets by granting numerous scholarships to members who qualify. This assistance can help pay for college tuition and miscellaneous fees, textbooks or other school expenses.
Leadership Skills: 
Skills learned in ROTC are extremely valuable whether you continue on in the respective military branch or take what you have learned into the civilian life.
Career Choices: 
Have a special interest or skill? The military is helpful in placing personnel in career areas that utilize specific interests, training and skills.
Enjoy college: 
Joining ROTC does not mean you have to stop being a normal college student or enjoying extra-curricular activities.
Start ahead of the game:
 After graduation and upon completion of ROTC, each member who enters active duty is awarded an officer rank.
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Which Branch Is Right For Me?
Unsure about which ROTC program you would like to join? Depending on what type of jobs interest you, there can be different branches of the armed forces that allow you to pursue the careers and experience you are looking for.
Select an ROTC program below to learn more info:
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University of North Dakota
   Since the late 18th century, the Fighting Souix Batallion has achived many accomplishments and offers many unique opportunities to it’s cadets.

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